New Adult Workshops: Cr'After Hours

I am happy to finally introduce evening workshops targeting adults in the neighborhood.  Please join me either Wednesday or Friday evenings for a fun night of crafts.  Bring your favorite adult beverage and get to know some of your neighbors with similar interests. Use the link below to sign-up. 

Cr'After Hours for adults

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY)

The perfect place to bring out your crafty abilities. Our workshops are made to be fun and socially interactive.  Bring your favorite beverage and we will supply some snacks and of course craft materials


Participants will take charge of their creative ideas to learn this ancient art.  Materials will include Wooden Serving Tray, Glass Beads, Ceramic tiles, glass and grout.

FRIDAY: Decoupage

Join us to decorate and personalize a simple and plain tea box and make it your own.  You can bring your preferred images or choose from the material provided.