Luna de Papel 

a Hand crafting art studio


Looking for indoor activities for kids? art classes for kids? After school programs? Birthday parties and events? You found the right place!

Luna de Papel (Paper Moon) is a hand crafting art studio. We offer hand crafting and DIY classes and workshops for adults and children.

In a world where everyone is increasingly used to working with electronic devices, at Luna de Papel we take a step back and focus on practical life skills that teach an appreciation for handcrafts. Children today are used to instant gratification, this can stifle the ability to strive for longer term goals. Handcrafts take commitment but they teach children that they can achieve great things if they take them one step at a time.

At Luna de Papel, we teach children how to “create”. When they learn to create they learn that they can control their environment and that builds a tremendous amount of self-esteem. Our goal is to build self esteem through self expression that is more approachable, authentic and sustainable than simple art. Register today for one of our classes or workshops. Visit our Facebook page or recommendations in JCFamilies or the Jersey City Arts Council



Luna De Papel Experience

It feels great when you get lost in the possibility of what you can make and create. What limits people is time and space. At Luna de Papel, we want to remove those barriers and allow enough time, the right tools and environment to create what can be imagined. 

What was a necessity in my childhood, in my adolescence became my hobby, and now has transformed into my dream job